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Why this is not the great awakening?

The Great Divergence.

We are not experiencing the Great Awakening as some would have thought...

Instead, we witness the Great Divergence. The frequency of division is here.

The divergence of an old construct that has been embedded in the human consciousness. One that has fully run its course.

We live in a world of contrast. Polarized forces have existed in human consciousness since the beginning of time, and hence, old archetypical tirelessly play themselves out.

Today, we can clearly see and feel the imposing force of suppression, stifling our individual freedoms. We are being coerced to relinquish our birthright of liberation.

Some of us are experiencing these forces acutely. Finding it impossible to live in big major cities, make compromising decisions on our health, and to live under dense authoritarian rule of domination, greed and control.

What we are experiencing in the collective at large is a parting of ways – a diverging of incompatible frequencies. Each waking day that passes, we experiencing an indifference between individuals of uncommon paths.

No matter how “spiritualized” or “awakened” some of us may be, we cannot prevent the split that must occur between these two divergent paths. The basic necessities, needs and values for each collective group may become so incongruous that it would be impossible to share the same space and trajectory.

One longs more for unity, individualism and natural law; the other seeks to be controlled and explore a synthetic form of evolution.

Of course, nothing is set in stone – the future rewrites itself constantly. As Sovereign beings, we have free will to forge our own path and claim the destiny of our choosing. Yet, to deny what is happening and remain in the delusion that we live in a world of just love and light and the forces at play on our planet have our best interests at heart is “spiritual immaturity” and plain ignorance.

Throughout time, shadow (“negative”) forces have existed (in reference to this article I am going to call them shadow control forces), we are only but touching the tip of the iceberg in our collective consciousness of these shadow control forces at play. Our collective consciousness has not fully self-actualized the depth and understanding of the shadow control forces, whose main objective is to harden the human spirit, cut us off from our heart’s intelligence, numb and dumb us down, make us machine-like so that we can’t even feel the earth beneath our feet!!!

That is the state in which the Ahrimanic forces can find fertile ground within the human biological instrument.

The shadow control forces are aware of this shift currently happening and our counting on mass frequency suppression. They are doing everything in their power to stop the evolution of the fully embodied human being as a pure expression of their divine self-actualized potential.

Why? You may ask?

They want complete MASS control of our future trajectory. So that we forget that we were ever HUMAN forged of body and spirit.

For this trajectory to have any momentum, we would collectively have to hand over sufficient free will to these shadow control forces. A carte blanche of our sovereignty so that they may dominate our essence in our present and future.

I will be talking about these shadow control forces in a lot more detail in my upcoming podcast - so stay tuned. With my extensive years of study in Anthroposophy and the works of Rudolf Steiner, I was blessed to have been made aware of the agenda of these shadow control forces and how they play out in the human consciousness and the world at large.

What to do when your Human Spirit is feeling the weight and heavy burden of this all?

Trust in the process.

Stay in your body.

Live from the heart.

Feel your feet on the Earth Mother.

Root in your Autonomy.

Speak up.

Stay soft.

Feel. Feel lightly even though you are feeling deeply.

And lastly learn to cope with things lightly.

With lightness what always follows is elevation.

If what I shared touches your HUMANESS in any way. Join me on my 6-week LIBERATE YOUR VOICE, Online training where you will cultivate and attune to your inner voice of expression. Move beyond the forces of suppression into liberation. Open your body with sound and activate its latent pathways so that you can rest in your sovereignty!

It would be my honor to guide your through this process.

All my love,


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