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Music & Soundscapes

Free soundscapes

Receive a powerful new type of soundscape that was created specifically to help rewire the brain and shift us into deeper states of consciousness where we can more easily access self-healing and align with our deeper passions.

Image by Avery Cocozziello

soundscape library

Soundscapes are beautiful creations that use specific healing frequencies with channelled voice, brainwave entrainment frequencies, and nature sounds to create potent music therapy experiences.

Perfect as ambient backgrounds in your home, meditation aids, healing sessions and use for background music in videos/inductions/workshops! Licenses available for content creators as well.

Meditating in Mountains

Elevated Mind

Retrain your brain and nervous system to thrive and embrace greater levels of your own innate human potential.  Elevated mind is a simple program that uses brainwave entrainment, special musical frequencies and guided inductions harmoniously to retrain your body, emotions and mind to work optimally! 

Volume 1 was made specifically to address the stresses of modern life and allow a safe manner to let go of difficult patterns and reconnect with the purity of your own essential nature.  Each session focuses on a different set of issues by using different music, frequencies and guidance to help address the optimal balance.

Starry Night

Music Albums

I create intentional high frequency music. I act as a conduit for sound to travel delivering heart-based grounded music infused with the land of Earth Mother. 

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