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My Story

Trainings & Certifications

BA Honors - Eurythmy (Music & Movement Therapy)

Since a young child music and dance has always been close to my heart. Little did I know that it would be the very medicine and tool I use to assist others along their life journey. I am so grateful for my teachers Silke & Michelle who provided me with a nurturing environment to blossom and grow and deepen my wisdom through sound and movement. 

BA Honors - PR & Marketing 

At the age of 25 I opened up my own business in PR & Marketing specializing in music and the arts. The company did phenomenally well that I was able to venture into full time studies of music & spirituality. I still use all the skills and tools I learnt in my studies and apply them to my passions and work today. 

Yoga Alliance 200hr Yoga Teacher Training

I am incredibly grateful for my teacher Jim Harrington his teaching is informed by a medical and scientific approach to yoga. Synthesising ancient traditions with contemporary thinking and research-based science continues to inspire his approach to yoga and meditation and continues to inspire my practice and teachings. 

Certified Gong & Tibetan Bowl Teacher Training 

Furthering my wisdom and knowledge in sound I was blessed to be trained by Gong Master, Dimitri in Bali. I spent 2 years mastering the art of playing the Gong and using the Tibetan Bowls, Crystal Singing Bowls and voice in my healing sessions. 

How it all began...

I was born under the mid-day Sun in the heart of Africa, Zimbabwe. As a baby, my journey with sound had already begun! The sounds of the wild African animals felt like home and connected me to nature along with my mother’s soothing lullabies.


Fast forward to my school years, I loved to dance and was constantly moving my body in all kinds ways. I was a ballet dancer and gymnast, and then became a dancer in High School. Dance was my medicine; it was a channel to express my soul. It led me to discovering the art of mixing in my year of graduation. I would spend hours upon hours mixing vinyl, refining my craft, and very quickly broke into the dance music culture.

Over the next decade, I travelled all over Africa, Europe and India, where I played alongside many international acts, performed for many reputable brands, hosted a radio show, appeared on various publication covers and headlined notable big stages around the world. I then studied Advanced Music Production, learning piano, and experimenting with production technology in my live sets and musical creations. I ran my own creative agency, worked with public relations, and ran events for the arts and culture arena. I was always busy and extremely driven...But I was predominantly living in my masculine, hustling around, closing deals and obsessively striving to accomplish my next goal.

It sounds like I was on top of the world! But trust me - my life up until this juncture was not all ‘Love and Light’. I resorted to alcohol and dabbled in drugs trying to ease and escape the stress I had created.

I was overworked, burnt-out, depleted and at an all-time low. I felt a deep sense of emptiness and disconnection to my body. But, my longing to listen to myself and create an inner connection was far greater.


Awakening to this realisation was also my ‘break through’. Seeming like there was no other way out – or should I say ‘IN’ - I flung myself into the evolution of my spiritual path with full devotion towards awakening my feminine spirit. I committed to 4 years of intense initiatory training in Eurythmy - a highly refined ancient temple art that opened me up to embodying and cultivating my feminine energy through movement; for well-being and connection to Self. In this I discovered the esoteric knowledge of Rudolf Steiner and his methodology of Anthroposophy, which has largely influenced my work. As soon as I graduated, I followed my intuition to go to Bali for some much needed down-time, spaciousness and integration.

In no more than a few weeks, I discovered the Pyramids of Chi. Within a day I was invited to be their Gong Master and I channelled my voice every day. I felt right at home among the Ancient Sounds, that were polar positioned in the Pyramid, by the Power of the Sacred Geometry Design, that harmonized with the powerful healing space of Bali.

I held space here for the next 2 years, and remained deep in the flow of guiding ceremonies, rituals, voice activations, women’s circles, sound healing, mentorships, and channelling higher frequencies within the gentle womb of the Sacred Pyramids. Ceremony became a part of my daily life and I felt connected to my place in the greater fabric of Creation. I began to move through the cycle of life and transitioned gracefully with my emotions, holding an awareness for the celebrations found in change. These celebrations became rituals that marked a time of growth in myself that I could honour from within.

Today, I find myself in Cape Town, my homeland, among sacred sites, nestled in the feminine landscape of mountains edging on the coastal waters in a conservation community village. Bliss! Landlocked by lockdown, I was unexpectedly asked to journey with my shadow. In this time of deep inner work and soul retrieval, I developed my offerings in astrology. I also upgraded my courses and

1:1 coaching sessions to be online for a global reach, so I could spread that which has served me at the deepest level on a global level!

If you resonate with my work and feel a calling to create with me, please contact me via my contact page. I would love to connect with you and hear about your journey too!


Please also browse my website for a deep immersion on what is on offer. My deepest desire is to co-create a journey with you, that will guide you into discovering your own purpose that is in alignment with your true authentic self.

See you soon!

Love and Harmony,

Vanessa Holliday


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