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Soundscape therapy sessions

These soundscape therapy sessions are powerful sessions intended to be used consciously to access deeper states of internal awareness. 

They combine traditional sound healing with engineered-frequency medicine and neural entrainment to bring the mind, body and emotions into deeply restorative states.

Full details on how to prepare and use the soundscapes CLICK HERE!


Electrical System  &  Schumann  Resonance

This session combines the frequency of the planet Uranus (which governs the electrical system) with a deep brainwave entrainment that targets the Schumann frequency.  Recommended for helping to calm and rebalance the body and perfect for ridding oneself of nervous system issues including anxiety and returning back to the Earth's magnetic field.

Womb  attunement  for  balancing hormones & womb.

This session combines the frequency of the planet Uranus (which governs the electrical system). This live sound transmission will assist with the following: Deeper states of relaxation, balancing the feminine hormones, activating and healing your womb, healing the body/mind and lastly assisting you feel more grounded and safe in Natures Intelligence System. 

Womb  Attunement  for  activating sensuality &  pleasure .

This live sound transmission will connect you with the natural resonance of our Earth Mother’s Womb, which is what we call the Schuman Frequency. To move through traumatic, fearful or painful life experiences that have not been fully digested, we must begin a process of returning to our fertile cosmic Wombs an unravelling of all the blocks we hold around ourselves. Through this we may emerge into most radiant, sensual, pleasureful and magnetic selves.

Womb  Attunement  balancing the masculine & Feminine.

This eloquent sound journey makes use of an isochronic tone that will focus on uniting the solar year frequency (136.1 Hz) with an activation of the pineal gland. This will harmonize the energies of the sacred masculine and feminine within to restore a deep sense of connection to your inner-being by working with the planetary forces & frequencies of the Sun and the Moon. The Sun has always been seen as the masculine principle, putting forth light and in turn bringing forth life. The Moon is the goddess-like feminine principle that it symbolizes the mother and the relationship between woman and child.

Womb  Attunement  strength of will  &  womb purification.

This live sound transmission uses an isochronic tone related to planet Mars which is associated with Aries and the fire element, to help support strength of will and focused energy. We work with the element of Fire for the purpose of purification and transformation. The element of Fire is considered to be the first element that was born when the universe was created - symbolizing incredible energy, activity, sexuality, sensuality, creativity, passion, freedom, power, love, vision, anger, strength, will, assertiveness, courage, and dynamism. 

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