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liberate your voice & womb

voice & womb alchemy:sound healing:channeling

Leaves Shadow


We don’t need to find our voice.

We all have a voice.

We need to feel empowered to us it.

And people need to be encouraged to listen.

To be heard is our true nature.

To speak is our true nature.

To sing is our true nature.

We meet ourselves through our

unique vocal expression.

I believe our voices will change the world and ourselves when we fully step into them.

The human voice carries the strongest transformation & healing power of any musical instrument. Our wombs hold the potential for us to create and connect to our true essence, embracing the sacred power within - our birthright.  

Before we spoke we sang! Our ancients knew about the power of sound, and how to use it to bring about balance. Sound was thought to be the principle healing tool of the ancient mystery schools of Egypt where tones and chants were used to manipulate energy fields and bring about balance in the body. If we accept that harmonious sound is fundamental to health and well being, we can begin to harness it as a positive and powerful creative force with which to transform our lives. Our voice encapsulates our identity and emotional state and is a powerful instrument of healing and communication. 

As we intertwine the voice and the womb we may begin to more effortlessly feel into and trust our intuition, as it is the key to unlocking deep inner wisdom and beginning the journey of creation in the physical world from creative potential that resides deeply within our wombspace.

My personal voice journey was to unravel all my outdated beliefs, obstacles and conditionings that I held around my voice and the way I expressed myself in the world. 

Throughout more difficult parts of my journey, such as after I experienced my miscarriage, I began to realize what the years of living in a predominantly masculine expression and suppressing my hormones and bodily wisdom though contraception had done. Connecting to and nurturing my womb space assisted me through that time by allowing me to connect more deeply to my divine feminine - allowing all feelings to arise, enabling me to move through deep seated emotion more confidently, as well as embrace change.

My progression throughout this journey has been profound. I went from never using my voice at all in my Sound Journeys to channeling and using my voice everyday. I can now confidently stand in front of a group of people and deliver my message creatively, while standing firmly in my truth. I can confidently sing to hundreds of people during a Sound Meditation. I can confidently express my needs and desires in relationships because I know my worth. I feel more expansive, free and connected to my body, purpose and being.


And lastly, I feel empowered to share the wisdom of the voice & womb with all of you, as we all encompass powerful creative potential and have the right to tap into the dreamspace where all desires are brought forth into being. I am here to assist you along your path to embody your unique voice, and deepen your connection to your sacred womb.  


Our voice is an inherent vehicle of expression. Our wombs are the dreamspace in which we may plant our seeds of desire, as well as cultivate new forms of creation. The voice and the womb are two of the most powerful instruments we have. Through our wombs and voices, we have the power to restore and balance our body, mind, and emotions.


By bringing this energy up through the energy centers, connecting our wombs through our heart center - where our creative desires get alchemized in a golden love frequency on route to our voice, where this creative potential can be sounded into physical form. It is when our womb, heart and voice are aligned that we stand in our true power.

Join me for this intimate online training, LIBERATE YOUR VOICE & WOMB, where the voice and womb will be used as instruments to deeply connect with your core inner being. The joy of “being sung through” is a truly liberating experience!

Throughout this training, our focus will be to “step back and let our voices and womb wisdom lead the way”. Discovering your inner voice comes from a place of deep surrender and trust, so does our capacity to tune into to the wisdom of our wombs. 

In these sessions I will offer tools to support you in using your voice and womb as a gateway to allow what is ready to come up to the surface to be released.

This training is for anyone who feels a desire in their heart to experience the freedom of letting their voice sound through them, while focusing on building a deeper connection with their womb space. You don’t need to have any experience or even a “good” voice. We will use the voice as an instrument to tap into our true nature, and in that, all sounds are beautiful.

Liberate Your Voice & Womb, is a method where we use our own voice, in connection with our womb space, to get in touch with and release unconscious blocks to love’s presence. Through sounding with our voices and connecting with our wombs we experience vocal purifications and ways to set parts of the body into resonance for cleansing, purifying and re-balancing. 

The Voice & Womb connection

Every time we create sound, we hold the potential to heal the body, elevate consciousness and connect to our true nature. Throughout ancient civilisation singing was seen as a means of connecting and unifying intention, celebrating life and death and expressing our inner workings.
Yet, in modern life it seems we have been silenced.  Through understanding how our voices and wombs are biologically connected as part of a highly intelligent ecosystem, we may begin 
to embrace using our voice as a powerful medicine.


Many woman have never been taught about the physical connection between the Womb, Heart and Voice. Within our body there is a nerve, called the Vagus Nerve, that runs from our brainstem, through all of our major organs and ends in the cervix - the Womb. This important nerve plays a major role in certain bodily functions like mood control, immunity and digestion; communicating the state of our organs to our brain!

Through stimulating the vagus nerve intentionally, by humming, singing, toning or deep sighs, we can not only work through feelings of anxiety or conditions like depression and PTSD, but we also have the ability to connect with and open up the womb.

When our wombs are constricted, our voices will be constricted too. Through singing and creating sounds we are able to open up our bodies and wombs to flow more freely in our expression.


This course is very much about working in symbiotic flow with the connection between these energy pathways, unlocking stagnating energy and blockages to make way for our energy to be able to bridge from internal desire to physical creation through flowing more freely.

Benefits of liberating your voice and connecting more intimately to your womb

  • Releasing old patterns, obstacles & wounds.

  • Releasing pain and grief from being disconnected from yourself.

  • Feeling more connected to your sexual and creative energy. 

  • Feeling connected to Natures Intelligence System. 

  • Feeling more grounded and connected to your femininity and true nature.

  • Opening up to giving and receiving of love in all your communications.

  • Discovering your unique gifts of service. 

  • Sharing your gifts and service with others.

  • Speaking your truth from your heart and living in tune with an aligned sense of being.

  • Feeling empowered and confident.

  • Becoming more physically, emotionally and vocally powerful.

  • Nurturing a deeper connection to your womb space, where desires are held in potential form.

  • Acting in accordance from your inner source guidance system. 

  • Feeling comfortable with making yourself and your service visible to the world.

  • Becoming more intuitive, magnetic and creative.

  • Unlocking your intuitive abilities.

In this 6 weeks LIBERATE YOUR VOICE & WOMB  online training we will cover:

•  The Fundamentals of sound and discovering how sound shapes our entire existence. 

•  Discovering the ancient mysteries & evolution of the voice and spoken word. 

•  Exploring ancient  feminine principles and the evolution of the feminine principle. 

•  Exploring the Womb, Voice and Heart connection. 

•  Increased awareness and deepening of the relationship with your womb.

•  Learning to connect to your body wisdom, increasing your intuition and confidence. 

•  Clearing & releasing any outdated beliefs, energy around your voice and womb that are no     

    longer serving you in reaching your fullest expression. 

•  A sound, voice and womb activation ritual/journey to activate, reclaim and free your voice and


•  Learn ancient practices such as breathing, toning and chanting to open, balance and align our

    energy centers in the body, by using the power of your own voice and womb connection. 

•  Learn one of the most powerful sounds we can create for healing, balancing and restoring. 

•  Various voice and self~care techniques to open and free your voice and womb. 

•  Discovering and nurturing your unique voice and womb. 

•  Freestyle voice improvisation and channeling.

•  Empowerment and radically stepping into your sovereignty.

•  How to sing In Light Language | Intuitive Singing | Channeling Music.

What you will receive

6 LIVE TRAININGS on zoom (90-120 minutes), Meeting 1x per week, Recordings available.

1 LIVE SOUND, VOICE, WOMB CEREMONY/ACTIVATION (using Isochronic tones that specifically activates and opens up the throat and womb energy center) on Youtube Live (60 minutes), Opening + Closing Rituals, Recording available. 

4 GUIDED VIDEO DOWNLOADS: For vocal warm ups and vocal/womb embodiment practices.


To be used when channeling. The soundscape will include brainwave entrainment frequencies that entrain the brain to enter deep states of Theta (relaxation) where channeling can be accessed with more ease. 

LIBERATE YOUR VOICE. & WOMB EBOOK DOWNLOAD: containing course content.

LIBERATE YOUR VOICE & WOMB Community Online Container: via Telegram where all participants can connect. 


2 X 1:1 MENTORSHIP SESSIONS: 75minutes (included in the MASTERY Voice & Womb Package)

The Mastery Voice & Womb Package includes two 1:1 Private Sessions (75min) with Vanessa to focus on individual goals & manifestations. Sessions can include additional healing, voice activation, personal development, or conscious leadership/business strategies (marketing, branding, content creation, etc.)

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ALIGN your Voice & Womb Package: 

Our special offering is only $430

OR 2 month payment plan at $236 

Includes full course.

MASTERY Voice & Womb Package:  

Our special offering is only $668

OR 2 month payment plan at $367 a month. 

Includes full course &

2 X 1:1 Private Sessions.

If you resonate or require a 2 month payment plan please email me on: to make payment. 

If you dont have Paypal and wish to pay via EFT or credit card please email me on:

If you are feeling called to do this work and cost is an issue, please email me on to apply for a possible work trade-exchange!

Sessions will be held online via Zoom, and will be sent to your inbox via email one hour prior to the session commencing.

We meet on Zoom dates will listed below soon. The same content is delivered on the 2 different call times each day, to make the training available to all global timezones.



*If you can't make it to a Live training, don't worry, you can still receive the magic:
ALL TRAININGS WILL BE RECORDED: AVAILABLE for replay + lifetime access!*

To RESERVE a space or if you have any further questions about the LIBERATE YOUR VOICE & WOMB online training please contact me via my CONTACT PAGE. 

I am also offering A FREE discovery call if you wish to meet me in person and get to know how I work. 

Leaves Shadow

In search for the life-giving force of Creation.
I found OUR VOICE, which is ultimately Sound, to be the medicine and in fact foundation of Creation.

Leaves Shadow

The more fertile our wombs environment are, the greater the possibility for us to dance in the field of the Infinite. 

Leaves Shadow

Its not about finding your voice. 
You have a voice. 
Its about giving yourself permission to use your voice.  

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