liberate your voice

speak your truth

Imagine going through your day being unapologetically you?

Imagine going through your day speaking with ease?

Imagine going through your day speaking your authentic Truth, no matter how uncomfortable it may be?

Imagine going through your day speaking with confidence, clarity and power?


I believe our voices will change the world when we fully step into them. The human voice carries the strongest healing power of any musical instrument.

When your voice is free you naturally feel more confident, generous and centered. 

When your voice is free, you'll find yourself speaking with ease and grace.

When your voice is free, you will naturally be talking, laughing, singing and speaking with more clarity and wisdom.

When your voice is free you will express your feelings and thoughts with more clarity. 


When you voice is free voicing your unique truth and purpose becomes easier. 

When your voice is free you believe in your value and what your bring to others flows more effortlessly.  


Your voice matters. The greatest gift you could give yourself is to liberate your voice. 


Before we spoke we sang! Our ancients knew about the power of sound to bring about balance. Sound was thought to be the principle healing tool of the ancient mystery schools of Egypt where tones and chants were used to manipulate energy fields and bring about balance in the body. If we accept that harmonious sound is fundamental to health and well being, we can begin to harness it as a positive and powerful creative force with which to transform our lives. Our voice encapsulates our identity and emotional state and is a powerful instrument of healing and communication.


My personally voice journey was to unravel all my outdated beliefs and conditionings that I held around my voice. I went from never using my voice at all in my Sound Journeys to channeling and singing everyday. I can now confidently stand in front of a group of people and deliver my message and truth. I can also confidently express my needs and desires in relationships because I know my worth. Lastly, I feel empowered to share the wisdom of the voice with all of you and assist you along your path to embody your unique souls-voice. 

Benefits of liberating your voice: 

  • Healing old patterns & wounds.

  • Releasing pain and grief from being disconnected from yourself.

  • Feeling more grounded and connected to yourself and nature.

  • Opening up to giving and receiving of love in all your communications.

  • Discovering your unique gifts or service. 

  • Sharing your gifts and service with others.

  • Speaking your truth from your heart.

  • Feeling empowered and confident.

  • Becoming more physically, emotionally and vocally powerful.

  • Feeling comfortable with making yourself and your service visible to the world.

  • Becoming more intuitive, magnetic and creative.

  • Unlocking your clairvoyant abilities.

In this 1 Month LIBERATE YOUR VOICE  workshop we will cover:

  • Discover the Ancient Mysteries of the voice and spoken word. 

  • Clearing & releasing any outdated beliefs around your voice that are no longer serving you in reaching your fullest expression. 

  • A voice activation ritual to activate, reclaim and free your voice.  

  • Learn ancient practices such as breathing, toning and chanting to open, balance and align our energy centers in the body, by using the power of your own voice.

  • Learn one of the most powerful sounds we can create for healing, balancing and restoration. 

  • Various voice techniques to open and free your voice.

  • Discovering and nurturing our souls-voice.

  • Freestyle voice improvisation.


- Access to Modern Mystics Collective an online community school for conscious learning. 
- Weekly Course Material & Videos.
- 2,5 hour x 4 Live weekly sessions with Vanessa Holliday.  

- Complimentary 1:1 session with Vanessa Holliday. 


INVESTMENT: Our special offering is only R4500 (SA Rand) OR 2 month payment plan at R2475 a month. 

If you are feeling called to do this work and cost is an issue, please email me on to apply for a possible work trade-exchange!

Sessions will be held online via Zoom, and will be sent to your inbox via email one hour prior to the session commencing.

Date: Running for 4 weeks. 

Start date: 9 April 2021.

Time: 6pm - 8.30pm  (South Africa Time Zone)


*All sessions are recorded and will be sent to you if you can't make a session* 

To RESERVE a space in the LIBERATE YOUR VOICE online course please contact me via my contact page. 

liberate your voice

speak your truth

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