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The Four Feminine Faces & Understanding Your Feminine Archetype

Asteroids are the cherry on top of a very complex, but delicious astrological cake. They enrich all astrological readings and provide a deeper look into the feminine consciousness and energy of our charts on a deep psychological level.

Using Astroids in Astrology can help you understand your feminine archetype and bring about positive change, embodiment, transformation and overall well-being. This is done through working with our major asteroids (often referred to the four feminine faces) of Ceres, Vesta, Juno and Pallas. In addition, I include Black Moon Lilith.

Often referred to as the “Asteroid Goddesses” these five astroids reveal feminine archetypes that go beyond the mother (Moon) and the wife (Venus) image, painting a more realistic picture of what it means to be a woman.

The Asteroid Goddesses


The Asteroid Ceres in Astrology, also known as Demeter the Goddess of Harvest, is the asteroid of nurture and self-care. Ceres is like our motherly figure, showing us what we need to truly feel nourished on a deep core level, to feel safe, taken care of, and fulfilled.


The Astroid Pallas in Astrology, also known as Pallas Athene the Goddess of War, is our asteroid of wisdom and independence. She points to where we are naturally gifted and talented, the areas in which we have an innate curiosity, and our intuition.


The Astroid Juno in Astrology, also known as the Greek Goddess Hera, renowned for her devotional loyalty. This is the asteroid of commitment, love and marriage. Juno shows the kind of partner that we need long-term, as well as our attitudes towards partnership and its many layers.


The Astroid Vesta in Astrology, also known as Greek Goddess Hestia, the Goddess of family life and Home. This asteroid is our burning flame of inspiration, asking us to proudly follow what lights us up. Vesta in your chart shows where you are of service to others, it also symbolizes fertility and sacred sexuality.

Black Moon Lilith

Lastly Black Moon Lilith in Astrology, which is a mathematical point and not the asteroid Lilith. Reveals to us the areas of life we have shadow work to do, revealing the unconscious parts of ourselves. The parts of ourselves that stay hidden, and/or that we suppress.

uncover your personal cosmic asteroid map

So, if you’d like to uncover your personal cosmic asteroid map and get to know your feminine essence on a deeper level and what it means for your livelihood, calling, skills, growth, healing, relationships, and more - book yourself in for session with me. My readings are intuitive, gentle, nurturing, stellar yet down to earth.


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