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The Venus Mysteries

As you know, I am preparing for our sound journey next week where I’ll be using the frequency of Venus.

To take you deeper into the beauty of the planet Venus we will be journeying…I want to tell you a story.

It is a story about a Mesopotamian Goddess.

It is a story about the cycle of the birth, death, rebirth of the Feminine Energy (empathy, intuition, creativity, beauty) within you.

But first I must start at the beginning. The source. The planet Venus.

The planet Venus, the only planet named for a female deity, travels a mysterious and beautiful path across our skies.

This trajectory, intriguingly named "the cycle of light", in which she travels 584 days to return to the point at which her journey started.

  • During this time, she appears to earth as the Morning Star, for 263 days.

  • She then travels behind the sun, not visible to us on earth, for 50 days.

  • She then appears to our sight as the Evening Star, for another 263 days.

  • She is then directly in front of the sun and again not visible to us for about 8 days.

  • And then reappears again as our beloved Morning Star again.

This cycle repeats itself over and over, in perfect rhythm.

And as if that was not enough beauty, over an 8-year period, Venus makes 13 orbits around the sun and has 5 conjunctions with the earth. Visually, this creates a beautiful mandala based on the golden ratio—a pentagram of petals. The exquisite Rose.

Are you left in any doubt why time and again across so many ancient civilisations associated Venus with the goddesses of love and beauty?

This planet, that shines so assuredly in our skies - has been connected to Aphrodite, Freya, Isis, Frigg, Ishtar, and of course, the oldest name Inanna, the Mesopotamian Goddess of our story. Before this she was worshipped as the planet Venus.

And here our story begins…

Venus descended to earth, in the form of a beautiful woman "queen of the heavens"- Inanna.

She visits her elder sister, Queen of the Underworld, Ereshkigal.

But her sister is not happy to hear of her visit.

Ereshkigal orders the seven gates of the underworld to be bolted.

Inanna may only pass through one gate at a time. But at each gate, she must remove one piece of her royal clothing.

By the time she reaches her sister's throne she is naked and powerless. (Do you recognise the feeling?)

But here, instead of being welcomed, Inanna is put on trial, and found guilty of excessive pride.

She is killed and hung on meat hooks to dry in the wind.

Her grandfather hears of this, and sends two insects to the underworld to retrieve Inanna.

They manage to retrieve her, and she returns home, but not before passing through each of the seven gates again.

The gate of Authority.

The gate of Perception.

The gate of Communication.

The gate of Compassion.

The gate of Personal Power.

The gate of Creativity.

The gate of Manifestation.

When she finally returns home, she is not the same. She has transformed. Her descent has been an initiation into the mysteries of life and death.

And just before we leave here, there is a delightful twist of balance and justice at the end of the tale that will delight anyone wishing to see an end to patriarchy mindset. Part of the agreement of allowing anyone to leave the Underworld, was that they must leave unscathed. Inanna must, by this law, give someone to the Underworld in her place. When she finally returns to her home she finds her husband not grieving, but cavorting and feasting - and you guessed it, he is sent in her place.

And it is here our story ends.

I hope you are inspired by this tale of radical transformation.

I hope you are awed by the beauty of Venus's Cycles, as I am.

The Venus Cycle is like a map into our own lives. The map teaches us how to surrender to the unknown, to shed the old, to visit those places that feel uncomfortable. It’s a path that will shake us to our core where we will constantly be asked to grow and transform. It takes courage and radical self-love to devote ourselves to the path of our own hearts.

To commune with Venus is to commune with our own hearts.

Join me as we harmonise with the energies and wisdom of Venus live from Bali.

I’ll be using the frequency of Love (Planet Venus) 221.23Hz

What you can expect from this experience:

  • Connection to your Heart

  • Deeper sense of self-love

  • Inspiration & Creativity

  • Connection to your values

  • Deeper openness to embracing beauty in our lives

  • Calling in love a partner

Date: Sunday, 30 April 2023.

Time: 7am GMT / 11pm PST / 9 am SAST.

Click here to find your time zone (click here)

What to bring: Good quality headphones, eye mask, yoga matt, blanket and dress

comfy (light, soft clothing)



Much love and mystery,



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