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our voice is a somatic tool for self-healing and nervous system regulation!

Your voice is medicine!


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22 & 23 November 2023
(2 Day Masterclass by Donation)
Time: 14:00–15:30 (Bali) | 7:00 BST

TWO DAY MASTERCLASS to learn VOCAL TOOLS, that you can practice daily to self-heal, balance your nervous system and lead from you feminine creative flow.


These vocal tools can help you with:


  • Better sleep

  • Balance your feminine hormones and PMS

  • Heal ancestral patterns

  • Clear money blocks

  • Fertility

  • Regulating your emotions

  • Be less reactive 

  • Be more present in your relationships and attracting love

  • Nervous system regulation

  • Connect to your authentic voice 

  • Establish a healthy voice-womb connection

  • Lead from your feminine fullness and flow

  • Express freely & confidently

  • Live your higher calling and gain clarity in your Soul's Purpose in this life. 

Learn top Vocal Somatic practices from me, Vanessa Holliday. I've been a Sound Therapist and Voice Coach for over 10 years!

I've taught 100's of women how to use their voice to regulate their energies and self-heal!


odern society has disconnected us from the wisdom of our bodies. Many women feel burdened by the need to ‘perform’ and by the constant pressure of our fast-paced lives. This dampens our creativity and leaves us feeling depleted. 


When we begin to listen to the voice of our womb and tend to her like a beautiful garden, we cultivate rich and fertile soil for our creations to flow.


The womb is the center from which all our creations arise.


The voice is the channel through which we express ourselves in the world. 


Both are our most powerful places of creation and expression and are connected energetically. Once this connection is activated, we can ease-fully live and embody vitality, grounding, creativity, manifestation, creation, expression, sensuality, power, and embodiment. 


Our bodies are wise, mysterious and deeply intuitive and yet we have lost the connection to this simple Truth and inner Authority within us.


Today more than ever, it is time to reconnect with your womb and your voice and awaken their powerful connection.


Join me for a 2-day masterclass to live, sound and express from your feminine fullness. 


This masterclass is for you if you wish to connect to the power of your voice, establish a healthy voice-womb connection where you lead from your
feminine creative flow

Vocal Somatics 

22 & 23 November 2023
(2 Day Donation based Masterclass) 
Pay what you feel. 

Time: 14:00–15:30 (Bali) | 7:00 BST


Contribution: Donation Pay what you feel (Please share with other women who could benefit from this wisdom)

Donations are non-refundable 

What to bring: Yoga mat, journal, good quality headphones, blanket and dress comfy.

Replays are available for one whole week


" welcoming and healing and inspiring"

I feel a lot more confident in myself, I have gotten to know and embrace my feminine side a lot more and learned so much about myself and my body. Vanessa held space for me to find my voice in very vulnerable areas of my life. She has this feminine beauty and love to her that is so welcoming and healing and inspiring.

Chrissy Upham, Canada

"...hidden knowledge was revealed to me."

I only used my voice to speak. During this course, a whole world of unexplored possibilities opened up. How amazing to realize that I carry this instrument always with me... to ‘hum’ blockages out of my system in minutes. My jaw dropped several times when hidden knowledge was revealed to me. I am forever grateful I took this course and for all the shared material to go back to and to sing out into the world further.

Maaike, Belgium

  • How to truly listen to the voice of your womb

  • Learn how your voice and womb are physiologically connected

  • Learn top somatic practices that will connect you to the power of your voice, and establish a healthy voice-womb connection

  • Cultivate a daily practice of voice and womb connection.

  • An ancient sound toning technique that supports you in connecting with your womb

  • A breath and voice technique to release any blockages held within your voice and womb

  • Tools to unlock your receptivity and become magnetic to the right people and circumstances

  • A sound meditation using Isochronic enhanced frequencies to balance and harmonize your voice and womb.

About Your Facilitator

Vanessa Holliday


his body of work was birthed through a time of grief, transformation and power. It’s a culmination of 16 years of artistic exploration and deep body initiation.

My path brought a miscarriage, a birth, raising my 15 month old daughter, moving to Bali, re-inventing my business again and has asked me to deal with relationship challenges. It’s been messy and raw, yet deeply empowering.

I died many times, only to re-bloom as a Rose.
It all makes sense now…why I named my daughter, Phoenix-Rose.

I’ve always known that I am here for deep transformation and growth. I’m a Scorpio moon.

My gift is to know the darkness and then to rise again. Through my transformational power of embodying my unique feminine design, voice and womb, I now live from my authentic, unique and healed essence and guide others to do the same.

My facilitation style holds the deepest of integrity. All of you is welcome, including your shadows. I breathe to bring embodied transformation that sinks deeply into your nervous system so that you feel new levels of freedom and expression.

I’m here to inspire women to lead from their awakened hearts and embodied feminine radiance.  


“I changed my life from a stressful, over-achieving, success-driven entrepreneurship to running a flourishing, heart-based and creative business. My desires are supported: I get to be a Mother and run a business based on freedom, artistry, creativity and embodiment. My business supports my natural inner rhythms in whatever way they wish to express.”

Vanessa Holliday 

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