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Lunar Eclipse in Taurus


A time when big changes and new beginnings unfold

A time of unfiltered self-reflection and break-through

A time to release negative energy or trauma

Date: October 28th, 2023

3pm Bali / 7am GMT / 11pm PST / 9 am SAST

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We are moving towards the lunar eclipse in Taurus on 28th October where powerful alignments open a window for change, rebalance, release and deep transformation.
This full moon eclipse occurs along the Taurus-Scorpio axis where the moon is in Taurus and the sun in Scorpio. It is the last one of this set since November 2021, offering a final nudge to contemplate and make changes in Taurus and Scorpio rules areas of life.

Full Moons magnify imbalances in ourselves and our lives and shed light on what is needed to restore balance. It is a time of culmination, completion, insight and illumination. Often, the full moon is seen as the most striking of the lunar phases because it is then when the most sunlight reflects off the Moon toward Earth.

Lunar Eclipse season is a time of intensity, big change and bold evolution. Our subconscious patterns surface, sometimes revealing the truth in dramatic ways. It is a potent time to release old emotions while calling in rejuvenation in the months to come, as the energetic ripples of the lunar eclipse affect the period of the next three months after the eclipse. It is a time when we are shown our shadows and given the opportunity to let go of what stands in the way of our light shining brightly.




Taurus is an earth sign and represents love, beauty and money. It is associated with structure and routines, with being loyal, reliable, and practical.




Scorpio is a water sign and offers fluidity, passion, determination and intuition. It is associated with death and rebirth, with transformation.

The Moon in Taurus


The Moon in Taurus asks us to find joy in the simple and tangible things in life. The Scorpio Sun shines his light on complexities, intangibles, and mysteries that weave through our lives.


Finding balance between these two energies – this is what this eclipse nudges us to do.

So what does this mean for us, for YOU? 

  • A safely held space of sound healing

  • Cellular realignment

  • Deep transformation

  • An opportunity to release self-destructive patterns and trauma

  • Clear realizations and insights

  • Surprising positive change

  • Restoring balance

  • Death and rebirth

Moon in Taurus.png

Leading Edge Sound Journey combines frequency, music and astrology infused with artistry.




In this LIVE ONLINE sound journey, we will be using the Solfeggio Frequencies 

The 417 Hz frequency is a deeply transformative frequency and is best known for its ability to cleanse negative energy. It has a healing effect on the brain and marks the start of new beginners and is thought to be able to undo negative patterns. Listening to 417 Hz can help those struggling with trauma or PTSD, clearing self-destructive thought forms and flooding the body with positive energy.
The Solfeggio Frequencies are a series of six electromagnetic musical tones that the Gregorian Monks were said to have used when they chanted in meditation. Rediscovered in 1974 by Dr. Joseph Puleo, the Solfeggio Frequencies are said to deeply penetrate the conscious and subconscious mind, stimulating inner healing, restoration and balance.


What you can expect from this experience:

Icon 2 png.png
Icon 2 png.png
Icon 2 png.png



release self-destructive patterns

Clear realizations

and insights

Icon 2 png.png
Icon 2 png.png
Icon 2 png.png


positive change




and rebirth


Date: October 28th, 2023

3pm Bali / 7am GMT / 11pm PST / 9 am SAST

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replay available to those who cant make the live!!!

What to bring: Good quality headphones, eye mask, yoga mat, blanket and dress comfy (light, soft clothing)
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