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 women who knows her worth can receive the gifts that the universe is Flowing to her.


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Voice & Womb Embodiment
Embracing Feminine Empowerment

A 6-month group mentorship journey to activate the power of your voice, connect with your womb and live your higher calling through the Venus Cycle.

Temple Doors open: Friday 3 November 2023 for the opening ceremony.

We meet every alternate Friday starting from the 3 November 2023.


Time: I will have two alternate time sessions in one day to hopefully accommodate all regions. 

6pm - 8.30pm (PST) Check your timezone HERE!

12am - 2.30am (PST) Check your timezone HERE!


elcome Beautiful Woman,

The world is ready for courageous and visible women to step forward. 

You are ready for this. 

Feminine empowerment arises naturally through deep embodiment. 

Embodiment is simply being present in your body, integrating all that you are and expressing yourself unapologetically.

When we inhabit our bodies, relax and drop into them, filling them out with all of ourselves, we access new ways of knowing and perceiving. This allows for our creations to be more integral and natural, and to blossom ease-fully into their fullest potential.

Voice & Womb Embodiment is an approach to living your life from within your natural feminine cycles. Women have a unique design as our bodies are cyclical and are woven into the rhythms of our menstrual cycles and the larger rhythms of nature and creation. 

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" welcoming and healing and inspiring"

I feel a lot more confident in myself, I have gotten to know and embrace my feminine side a lot more and learned so much about myself and my body. Vanessa held space for me to find my voice in very vulnerable areas of my life. She has this feminine beauty and love to her that is so welcoming and healing and inspiring.

Chrissy Upham, Canada

"...hidden knowledge was revealed to me."

I only used my voice to speak. During this course, a whole world of unexplored possibilities opened up. How amazing to realize that I carry this instrument always with me... to ‘hum’ blockages out of my system in minutes. My jaw dropped several times when hidden knowledge was revealed to me. I am forever grateful I took this course and for all the shared material to go back to and to sing out into the world further.

Maaike, Belgium

"...I would highly recommend this beautiful empowering mentorship to any lady"

This Mentorship has been a life-changing journey for me. Vanessa is such a beautiful and powerful woman who has a wealth of knowledge around the feminine and spirituality. I feel deeply grateful to have her as a mentor in my life. I would highly recommend this beautiful empowering mentorship to any lady who is ready to Embrace HER.

Jemma Kennedy, Australia

"...I also gained knowledge and self-love that I will carry for the rest of my life."

What a journey! Not only did I feel safe, supported and loved throughout the course, I also gained knowledge and self-love that I will carry for the rest of my life. The ladies in my course were angels and our strong connection brought healing to each and every one of us in our weekly meet up’s. Vanessa is committed, passionate and so very knowledgeable and the course is a true experience of her bright energy. 

Demi Ellis Derry
London (UK)

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The New Paradigm of Feminine Empowerment is embodied awareness that sinks deeply into your nervous system.
Less information and more organic sensing – this is where you get to feel your mission, your joy and your shadow from the depths of your cells, body and heart.

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What you will embody and receive:

12 Group Zoom sessions with Vanessa Holliday (2.5 hour each), bi-weekly (2 x per month)


1 Group Venus Cycle Astrological Reading - a brief synopsis of your feminine design and sacred mission


1 Group Black Moon Lilith and Asteroid Reading - a brief synopsis of your shadow feminine design

1 Group live sound activation (using healing frequencies that specifically activate and open up the voice, womb and body connection) held on Youtube Live (60 min.), Recording available

Guided video downloads for vocal warm ups and embodiment practices

1 instrumental music soundscape download – The Venus Frequency Soundscape

This track is intended to re-align you with your true essence and expression of the feminine energy within. Venus encompasses our deep seated pleasure, and so as we tune into the frequency of Venus during this sound journey, you may find a heightened sense of pleasure and deeper attunement related to your own unique expression of sensuality. Venus encompasses our higher ethics and values, so as you embark on this sound journey, you may also feel a deepening connection to that which feels most true and authentic to you.

Embodied Feminine Empowerment E-books download: containing course content

Group support via Signal/Telegram for the duration of the mentorship from Monday – Friday 8am – 3pm


Discounted price (30%) if you want to book a private 1:1 session with me during the group mentorship

Lifetime access to course content via our online modern mystics collective school

About Your Facilitator

Vanessa Holliday


his body of work was birthed through a time of grief, transformation and power. It’s a culmination of 16 years of artistic exploration and deep body initiation. 


My path brought a miscarriage, a birth, raising my 15 month old daughter, moving to Bali, re-inventing my business again and has asked me to deal with relationship challenges. It’s been messy and raw, yet deeply empowering. 


I died many times, only to re-bloom as a Rose.

It all makes sense now…why I named my daughter, Phoenix-Rose.


I’ve always known that I am here for deep transformation and growth.  I’m a Scorpio moon.  


My gift is to know the darkness and then to rise again. Through my transformational power of embodying my unique feminine design, voice and womb, I now live from my authentic, unique and healed essence and guide others to do the same.


My facilitation style holds the deepest of integrity. All of you is welcome, including your shadows. I breathe to bring embodied transformation that sinks deeply into your nervous system so that you feel new levels of freedom and expression. 


I’m here to inspire women to lead from their awakened hearts and embodied feminine radiance. 


“I changed my life from a stressful, over-achieving, success-driven entrepreneurship to running a flourishing, heart-based and creative business. My desires are supported: I get to be a Mother and run a business based on freedom, artistry, creativity and embodiment. My business supports my natural inner rhythms in whatever way they wish to express.”

Vanessa Holliday 

This offering is for you if...
  • You want to finally live your passion and utilise your unique gifts and talents

  • You feel disconnected from your body’s wisdom 

  • You are exhausted from operating your life mostly from your masculine energy of doing and striving

  • You want to birth a child, a creative project and/or your dream life

  • You experience numbness, pain or disconnection from your womb

  • You are overwhelmed by our demanding, fast paced, masculine society

  • You are curious about how to integrate the wisdom of the womb, voice and body into your existing business or creative endeavour

  • You feel disconnected from your voice and creative expression

  • You yearn to uncover the mysteries of your inner feminine energy

  • You feel like you have hit a plateau in your business and life and don’t know how to shift it to the next level 

  • You want to feel more confident in speaking and expressing yourself

  • You want to experience new levels of freedom in your body, womb and voice


Pathways we use to access deeper embodiment:

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The Voice

The human voice carries the strongest transformational and healing power of any musical instrument. Through sounding with our voices, our bodies resonate for greater purification and re-balancing. You do NOT need to have any singing experience or even a ‘good’ voice. We will use the voice as an instrument to tap into our true nature, and in that, all sounds are beautiful and ‘right’.

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The Venus Cycle

Venus symbolises our values, self-worth, creativity, desires and money. Her cycle holds the ancient mysteries of life, death and rebirth. By syncing with her you are aligning with your own values and begin to activate deeper parts of you. In this Mentorship, we use a special astrological technique to uncover your personal Venus Cycle and see how it shows up in your life. 

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The Womb

The womb is the place where all your creations arise from. There is a physical and energetic connection between two of our most powerful places of expression and creation – the Voice and Womb. Once this connection is formed between these sacred gateways, you can ease-fully experience vitality, grounding, creativity, manifestation, creation, expression, sensuality, power, and embodiment. 

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Embracing your Shadow Feminine

Our shadows are often feared, shamed and repressed. In truth, they are our greatest power. We must descend to the depths of our shadows to shift from our wounding and patterns into a life led by our heart-filled desires. Each woman has a unique shadow signature. This is explored by looking at our placement of Black Moon Lilith in our personal astrological charts as. She holds the key to clarity regarding the true nature of our shadows. 

Through modern society, many of us disconnected ourselves from the wisdom of our bodies.

Many women feel the stresses of everyday life, are burdened by the need to ‘perform’ and feel depleted from predominantly living in the masculine (action) energy. This causes somatic contraction that can stay stuck in our bodies and wombs. This contraction limits our joy, our feminine presence and our ability to be seen and heard to make our full impact as feminine leaders.


If you want lasting personal transformation and make a meaningful impact in the world, you must incarnate into your body. The feminine will not rise until she descends. You must dig your hands into the depths of your being and unearth the teachings sourced from your shadows and unravel challenge, conflict and blocks as the gifts that serve your work deeper.  


To be bold and visible women, we need to create an inner ground of somatic safety from which we expand into freedom of movement, voice and being. Once you feel safe in your body and confident to uncover and express deeply held emotions, misaligned beliefs and inner conflicts, you’re ready to descend deeper into your unique frequency and expand your visibility. 

In this 6-month Voice & Womb Embodiment Mentorship we will:
  • Discover the ancient mysteries of the Voice and Womb gateway, which activate a connection between our creative source and its outward expression

  • Learn how to use the Venus Cycle to sync with both our natural inner rhythms and the larger collective rhythms of life, death and re-birth. 

  • Discover and embody our shadow feminine through Black Moon Lilith so that we can release resistance and self-limiting beliefs to live a more peaceful and free life. 

  • Increase awareness and connection with our womb and menstrual cycle so that we intuitively live our life in a way that honors our cyclical nature. (Women in Menopause, this is for you too!) 

  • Learn to connect to our body's wisdom for increased intuition and confidence.

  • Clear and release any outdated beliefs and stagnant energy around our voice and womb that block the flow of our fullest expression.

  • Learn ancient practices such as breath work, toning, chanting and sounding to open, balance and align our nervous system.

  • Learn to feel safe, prosperous, confident and in our power. 

  • Freestyle voice improvisation and self-care techniques to sonically unblock tension in our bodies, using the most powerful resonator we have – our voice.

  • Embody full empowerment and radically step into our sovereignty, sacred mission and purpose.


The Investment

Investment Option 1



For 6 months

Investment Option 2

Pay in Full

Save $284 

Investment Option 3

Apply for scholarship 

Private message me to apply

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Voice & Womb Embodiment
Embracing Feminine Empowerment

Starting Friday the 29th of September 2023

Time: 6 - 8.30pm PST
12am - 2.30am PST

If you miss any of the sessions REPLAYS are available. 

If you are feeling called to do this work and the investment is a challenge for you right now, please email me on to apply for a possible scholarship or trade-exchange.


To RESERVE a space for the Group Voice and Womb Embodiment Mentorship please book a complimentary 20min CONNECTION CALL with me to see if we are a good fit and for you to ask any further questions and finer details. 

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