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What you give you receive its a universal truth!


You have to invest time, energy and money to be in business, stay in business and grow your business. Its just that simple!

Your business is a direct extension of who you are and reflects how you perceive and value yourself. The thing is that if you want others to invest in you, you have to believe in what you do by investing in yourself and your business.

I have hired many coaches and have dedicated my life to continuously learn and grow. I learned tools I didn’t even know I was missing, which made a huge difference in how I manage my business and help my clients now.

The way we do business has changed, and keeps changing, and will continue to change. Advertising simply isn’t enough, in my honest opinion its out-dated.


To rely your entire business on social media platforms is putting your business at risk. The old approach to business is crumbling, we are calling for a revolution in how we do business. Business that is based on trust, transparency, personal experience and community.

Before I became a sound therapist & coach, I started a business in public relations and marketing which I ran for 10 years. Ive have been running businesses since the age of 25. And I can honestly share with you that the key to success is to EVOLVE!


Most businesses or entrepreneurs fall short as they fail to adjust with the current times. We are heading into the "Age of Aquarius" which is a time for great innovation, progress and originality.

My gift is I am a spiritual visionaire. I have the intuitive ability to connect with you on many different levels, see the bigger picture and guide you to see and remove what holds you back by bringing forth your unique business and offering.


  • Astrology

  • Voice coaching

  • Holistic coaching methods

  • Spiritual and practical techniques


  • Integrate your dreams, passions and experience to become the expert in your own field.

  • Create an empowering business that sets YOU apart from similar ones.

  • Overcome self-defeating beliefs that hold you back.

  • Recognize your true value and that of your services and/or products.

  • Design strategies and marketing that suit YOUR personality.

  • Shed your negative ideas about money and sales.

  • Price and package your services based on value, not time.


I only take a limited number of clients at a given time. In order to be considered for coaching, please contact me via my contact page telling me about yourself and why you feel we would be a good coaching fit. I also offer free 20 min discovery session.

“Turn your vision into your business.”

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