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Online Womb Sound Transmission


Date: DECEMBER 4th, 2022 @ 9-10 Am SAST or 7-8 AM GMT


The last full moon of 2022 is here…

The last “Womb Attunement” of 2022 is here…

I am officially in Ubud, Bali ending my year on this magical island…


Endings are here.


Join me as we honour and reflect on the year 2022 with all its challenges, gifts and revelations.


What did you learn about yourself? What challenges did you overcome? What gifts did you receive?


Take some time for reflection, gift this time to yourself.


Write. Talk. Share. Listen. It’s a great time to do this as we enter into Gemini Full Moon.

With Mars exactly conjunct the Full Moon, it’s a potent time to also become aware of your triggers. Anything that makes you feel out of alignment, frustrated or angry is likely to be more obvious now.

Choose patience and accountability before responding (over blame and reactivity) and watch the magic unfold.

With this potent full moon we can have a final release all that we wish not to carry forward within ourselves and our wombs.

We are also asked to question, what may we be holding back with regards to your expression? What patterns are you willing to release around your voice & womb? How can you expand into your unique expression? What has been left unsaid that needs to be said on a heart level? 

Be gentle with yourself if you’re feeling sad, unwell or tired. Do what you need to nurture yourself through it and know “this too shall pass“.

In this month’s Womb Attunement I'll be using the Frequency of Sun 126.22hz

It brings joy, peace, and the strength of regeneration to triumph with ease over all obstacles. It is called “Vibration of Life” because its pulsations act as a powerful engine of change and renewal (physical, emotional and spiritual). Listening to it regularly will give you access to transcendence, this magical ability to surpass yourself and see what is beyond the ordinary.


Join us in this live FULL MOON Womb Attunement OR get the REPLAY!!!

What can you expect from the experience:

• Release obstacles and patterns with ease

• Feel renewed both physically, emotionally and spiritually

• Feel magnetic, confident and joyful

• Experience the transcendental

• Re-unite with the Origin that is you

• Feel a sense of lightness and rebirth in your Womb.

Date:  Sunday, 4 December 2022, FULL Moon in Gemini.

Time: South Africa Standard Time - 9am-10am or 7am-8am GMT.

What to bring: Good quality headphones, eye mask, yoga matt, blanket and dress comfy (light, soft clothing)




Hope to see you there 


With womb love, 


More information on Womb Attunement Sound Journeys

This type of therapy is different to meditation, breathwork and transpersonal therapies. However, it does have the potential to bring about detox symptoms for any deeper issues that may need to come to light. As a result, it is best to allow your body to rest after a session and to keep hydrated before and after.

Womb Attunements are monthly online live frequency-based, soundscapes that gently purify, restore and deeply nourish the wombs of all Women. 


Within every women’s womb lies her power, gifts and essence that is her own. Within our wombs the deepest, most ancient secrets of life are held. 


Within our wombs lies the source of our inner guidance, intuition, clarity, stillness, power, and creative expression.” Vanessa Holliday. 


Womb Attunements, are designed to assist with attuning to the voice of your womb so you may soften into a life that honours your organic design and allows you to deeply value and trust your natural self and unique unfolding. 


“When we tend to our wombs like a beautiful garden, we create the rich inner terrain for creation to flow.” Vanessa Holliday. 

This event will take place by Livestream and will have the following structure:

First we will hold a brief discussion on how this form of sound therapy works, followed by a 40-minute neural frequency attuned sound healing set using brainwave entrainment and music tuned to help you voyage to your inner planes.


The times for the event are as follows:

Pacific US /Can Time - 11:00PM

Mountain US/Can Time - 12:00AM

Central US/Can Time - 01:00AM

Eastern US/Can Time - 02:00AM

Central European Time - 08:00AM

South Africa Standard Time - 09:00AM



Additional Information:

You may watch the event live (recommended) or sign up and watch later at a time that is convenient for you as the link will remain on YouTube.

The same link you receive upon registration can be used for the replay. However, we highly recommend joining the live event for maximum benefit. 

Given the nature of frequency-based therapies such as this, there are some preparations that we recommend and will be explained in the email you receive after registering. Please be sure to also read the disclaimer if you have any health conditions to ensure that you are staying safe.


We are here to facilitate a transformative experience that can have long lasting benefits by working on the layers of our beings that are responsible for good health. As stated above, we strongly believe that "Sound is the medicine of the future" and we have been crafting this offering and refining it over the last year.


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