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 womb & BLOOM attunement 8.0
Sound Journey  
Date: October 20th, 2021 @ 7 pm BST

Calling all Womban!!!


What do you wish to accomplish as this year draws to a close?

Under this Full Moon in the sign of Aries  - a fire sign; we will focus on embracing our goals, dreams and desires moving into the final months of the year.


By drawing in to the Aries energy of this Full Moon, my Sound Transmission will focus on propelling us into the achievement of our desires through creation, through using our voices and standing up for whats true to us; which is what the sign of Aries is all about!

Are you ready to come together and tap in to the energy that creates worlds?


Our Wombs are the dreamspace where our greatest desires are held. The more fertile our wombs environment are, the greater the possibility for us to dance in the field of the Infinite. 

When I speak about fertility Im speaking about something with great essence, a tapping into your untouched power and potential as a women to CREATE.


To all women who wish to call forth life into their wombs, whether that may be physical life or the conception of new creative expression, I open this space and invite you to join me and other incredible women on a journey through sound activation this coming New Moon!

I know how it feels to be disconnected from your creative potential as a Women and so I gift this transmission to you and your creations you wish to bring into this world.

This Womb & Bloom transmission was inspired through my own pregnancy journey of having a miscarriage to now being 7 months pregnant. 

Instead of eliminating, healing, letting go, purging, removing all that does not serve our wombs space in THIS particular transmission we are rather going to START from the place of WHOLENESS. That place of knowing that we have everything within ourselves. It’s a completely different frequency when we start here. 

We going to adding, instilling, infusing and pouring in love, beauty and nurture into our wombs space. It’s through the energy of love, YOUR love, that you meet your womb, your creations, your growing child in your belly, your dreams and your desires in their full essence. 


What you decide to do with that energy is for you choosing. You could paint, dance, make a child, dream whatever that may be you are embodying and turning that energy, just like an Oracle, into matter. 

Join me and community of women for evening of nurturing and nourishment to our wombs, creations, desires and our physical capacity to hold space for new beings coming in to this world.

Womb and Bloom’s Transmission, will using an isochronic tone that will deeply nourish our wombs and our “babies”  by connecting with Wombs intelligence to bring about deeper harmonization within our being.   


What you can expect from this experience:

- Deeper connection to your Womb, Baby, Creations, Desires.

- Deeper connection to your Feminine Power.
- Deep relaxation.
- Heart Connection (528Hz Love Frequency) 
- Womb Alignment.  
- Harmonising with the frequency of the Earth Mother (Schuman Frequency 7.83Hz)

Date:  Wednesday, 20 October, Full Moon in Aries
Time: South Africa Standard Time - 8:00 pm or 7pm BST.

To see the time in your Local Timezone CLICK HERE.


What to bring: Good quality headphones, eye mask, yoga matt, blanket and dress comfy (light, soft clothing)

Extra information:
If you are new to Isochronic frequencies and understanding what they are think of a repetitive drum beat that creates rhythmic pulses. These repetitive pulses entrain your brain to sync with its frequency inducing profound states of consciousness on a mental, emotional, physical and spiritual level.


As women we do this naturally by syncing with the rhythms of the moon during our menstrual cycles. During these womb activations you are coming back to your natural resonance and balanced state of being. A purification takes place where you give yourself permission to upgrade, heal and switch on your own inner source connection, supported with help of vibration, frequency, voice and intention. 

My gift is I am able to hold a high frequency in the space channeling my voice and sound.This process actuates the natural law of resonance which you begin to activate your own healing potential and connect to your own inner source connection and remember your Sovereignty.





Please consider donating.  If you feel resonant with this offering, please consider the gift economy by choosing your own contribution for the event.  Please click the DONATE button below to make an optional contribution of your choosing.




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