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womb-voice liberation workshop
voice alchemy:sound attunement

 womb-voice liberation workshop

Within each and every one of us lies an authentic voice, your voice, that was given to you before you were born.  It carries very specific coded instructions and intelligence necessary for your evolutionary journey here on Earth.

Within every women’s womb lies her power, gifts and essence that is her own. Within our wombs we hold ancient stories never told. Our wombs are wise, mysterious and deeply intuitive and yet we have lost the sense of this Truth and inner Authority within us. 


No more.


When you come into resonance with the true power that your authentic voice holds, the entire universe conspires to assist you.


When you speak with enough confidence and alignment people will not question your authority. Because it just is so!


The world needs to hear YOUR VOICE!


It needs you:

  • To speak your Truth

  • To share your unique story

  • To say YES to what aligns, to say NO to that which does not

  • To express your deep-seated emotions

  • To say enough is enough!


Join me for this intimate 2 hour workshop, WOMB -VOICE LIBERATION, where your voice will be used as an instrument to deeply connect with your core inner being and sound will be used to activate, balance and remove any blocks around your voice. 

What you will receive in WOMB -VOICE LIBERATION workshop:


  • A 60 min live womb- voice sound attunement using specific brainwave frequencies to release any blockages held within your voice and womb.


  • Ancient knowledge shared on wisdom behind the voice and womb - why is the voice the most powerful healing tool? How is the voice-womb connected?


  • Toning massage exercise to reclaim, activate and free your voice and womb.

WOMB -VOICE LIBERATION doors open on the 14 August 2021.

Time: 5pm South African Time or 4pm BST (2-hour workshop)



Donation: Sliding scale donation starting at R10 SA Rand / $1 US Dollar.

What to bring: Yoga Matt, good quality headphones, blanket and dress comfy.


To register please fill our form below. On receipt of payment you will receive a Youtube live link for the Sound Attunment and a  Zoom link for the workshop.


For any queries please email: 






Registration Form

Sliding scale donation select between: $1 - $149

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