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Sound Healing

Sound Healing


Welcome to my personal journey and deep dive into the feminine and therapeutic sound. 


I address the global need for the collective healing in our physical and energetic body, not only as women but also as the divine feminine frequency.

My desire is for humanity to come into alignment with harmony, receptivity, and create the fertile soil for conception and manifestation as we collectively birth forth into a new world.


Becoming in touch with the divine feminine frequency, and being a Creatress at Heart, I continue to unlock Sound in a way that it has transformed my life in a vibratory sense towards alignment. I have deepened my understanding of how we live in a vibratory universe where everything is energy. Everything that we sense, touch and smell is pure energy in synergy with the ‘Laws of Creation’


Having ventured through my own ‘Dark Night of the Soul’ and met my shadow time and time again, I am here to share the wisdom of sound healing with you.


Sound Healing is the practice of using sound and frequency for relaxation, healing and personal development. Some other benefits, just to name a few:

o Infertility
o Deep rest
o Digestion

o Deep sense of well-being
o Stress reduction
o Enhancing relaxation

o Improved sleep 

o Improved mental, physical & emotional health difficulties 
o Strengthening the physical and subtle energy bodies

o Grounding and alignment
o Balancing the brain and the parasympathetic nervous system
o Facilitating the release of blocked energy from stress and physical or emotional trauma

o Heightening awareness and improving our intuitive abilities

I have been crafting my art particularly with women who struggle with connecting with their wombs, as I feel so deeply about how thousands of women are unable to express themselves as vessels of creation physically - and even metaphorically.

Our collective body has been suffering not only for centuries, but also as contemporary women, we constantly battle with striving, achieving, multi-tasking, over-working and accumulating stress, that blocks our innate and natural ability for creation. Causing depression, anger, loss, sadness, frustration and ultimately leaving our creative wombs barren and undernourished. It seems, even by us, we continue to remain unmet.

In my search for the life-giving force of Creation, I found Sound to be the medicine and in fact foundation of creation. I began to journey into the magical weaving of the powerful practices used by ancient cultures to heal – as well as explore the tones and vibrations tested by science for healing, health, and well-being.


I became ceaselessly passionate about constantly being on the brink of Sound by learning about the leading inventions and research on sound healing modalities. This led me to synthesise specific ancient healing frequencies with contemporary brainwave entrainment for a deeper state of relaxation, creativity, awareness and cellular healing.

But this still wasn’t enough. I needed to take it even deeper to discover the WHOLE-istic healing power of sound.  Along with contemporary science, I became obsessed with Anthroposophy and the works of Rudolf Steiner, Hans Cousto, Johnathan Goldman, Nikola Tesla, Ancient Mysteries, ritual and ceremony, and delving deep into my strong practice of Astrology.

Through my exploration, I found that resonance is central to sound healing and it is the basic principle. Everything has a frequency at which it naturally resonates, known as the Prime Resonance Frequency; at this resonant frequency an object can absorb energy more readily. Each component of the body such as the cells, organs and bones have a PRF; and clinical studies have shown that sound therapy reduces stress by having an direct effect on the autonomic nervous system. If the natural and healthy frequency of our components is out of resonance and becomes compromised, then we come out of alignment with ourselves and experience “dis-ease” from being out of harmony.

Sound Healing, being the application of therapeutic frequencies to the physical and subtle energy fields of the body, should be adapted specifically to the unique needs of the client’s intention, medical history and current health symptoms. I take it a step further in my sessions and personalise it according to your astrological chart to awaken higher cosmic frequencies from within.

Bringing you an empowering and nourishing approach with sound totality, I am guided in using specific instruments, frequencies, sounds, essential oils, channeled voice and transcendental guides for an alchemical sound immersion that will directly work with your personal constitution for healing, balancing and aligning you with your Prime Resonance Frequency.

I intertwine my 10 plus years of experience with ancient traditions, as well as Tibetan and Native American instruments, while channelling the quantum field with the frequencies of my voice. These healing and therapeutic frequencies are woven with high quality acoustic instruments such as the tuning forks, Tibetan singing bowls, quartz crystal bowls, a monochord, a flute, Gong and medicine drum.

Through my own personal journey and ever deepening quest in meeting my divine feminine, I have devoted myself to becoming a creator of cosmic sound, beauty, love and alignment.


In my offerings, you will experience the feminine spirit through a pure love vibrational frequency, that is transmitted through a tapestry of clear sound interwoven with my sonically channelled voice, to harmonize your constitution and bring it into full resonance with your deepest self. My wish is to bring you into alignment with your true nature and natural self so that you can become more empowered in the feeling of being aligned with the vibrancy of your essence that is uniquely YOU!

Energetic Exchange

Private Session 

(online or in person)

1.5 Hours - 149$

Private Package

(online or in person)

4 Sessions 1.5 Hours - 536$

Retreat & Group Session

1.5 Hours -SQ

Sound & Sacred Cacao

2.5 Hours -SQ

When the human being hears music (sound), he has a sense of wellbeing, because these tones harmonize with what he has experienced in the world of his spiritual home”

Rudolf Steiner

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