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The womb and voice are connected!

Updated: Jun 21, 2022

Do you know what is happening right now?

Women all around the world are reclaiming their Voices and Wombs.

I see it and feel it every day in the women I speak with and the incredible videos of freedom I see from around the world.

Voice-Womb-Halleluiah!!! For a women’s voice to be fully heard, to soar, to have heart, to move others, we need to Descend. This brings the voice down into our wombs and into nature’s intelligence rooted here on Earth. When we focus only on the ascension process and flighty mysticism, we lack the grounding and integrity to properly access the higher realms.

The extent to which we can access the higher realms matches how far we have descended and journeyed inwards. What we experience within ourselves unlocks the beauties of the outer world and higher spheres.

What I have seen in the glamourised world of Spirituality is that (some) women are claiming they "channel” the Galactic Council, Akashic Records, Pleiadeans, or the 5,6,7th, heck 11:11th Dimension.

Yet, I also feel they are disconnected from their bodies and wombs. Often these women are caught up in their minds able to speak all the fancy words and “conceptualise” prophetic events, but, lack the feeling of their intuitive receptive nature and bodily earthy wisdom.

Rudolf Steiner affirms this by saying Not the mind alone but healthy feeling as well is qualified to determine what is true.”

What is actually being channelled is their current level of consciousness. This may very well include all their dense patterns, unprocessed emotions, childhood traumas and restricted pathways of life force energy.

The result? A murky, Neptune melange of half-truths and mental candy floss.

An ungrounded mind is fickle. An un-embodied vessel can be a host for other influences.

So, to ascend truly we need to incarnate fully.

We are incarnate.

in-car-nate; adjective

in human form, in the flesh, in physical form, in bodily form, made flesh.

Our HOME is in the BODY... Rooted in Down-to-Earth, Heart-Centered Truth. Simple!! You ain't gonna find it in the 5,6,7, 8 dimension.

The party is in the body!!

Back to the voice and womb - if you look at the anatomical point of view of the throat and the womb alongside one another, you’ll see that in a woman’s body – the layout of her vocal cords mirror her womb.

In a female embryo, the baby’s vocal cords and ovaries are one organ that later splits into two as the embryo develops. Often, as I have learnt through my own experience, if the throat is constricted then often is the wisdom of the womb. As we allow ourselves to make sound, to open our mouths, create space - so we allow for expansion and space to be created inside our Womb. This is the power of the voice, YOUR voice.🗣️ When you create sound, immediately your body switches to the parasympathetic nervous system - creating an inner environment of rest and digest. It is in this state that there is an opening of every cell in your body, creating more space for divine life force energy to flow through you! This free flow of energy allows you to feel more creative, connected and embodied.

Now in between our wombs of creation and our voices of expression, lies the HEART - connecting these two powerful forces of the voice and womb. The heart is seen as the alchemist, turning wisdom into gold!

As we connect to the wisdom of the womb, we draw it up into the heart where it’s filled with unconditional love, before we speak this great wisdom out into creation through the unique expression of our voices!

That is Womb, Heart and Voice Alignment!

Isn’t it incredible to know that we hold so much within us?

Isn’t it mind-blowing to fathom how intrinsically powerful are our bodies are? I mean who would not want to incarnate fully into their bodies?

Sometimes the ordinary is far more extraordinary than the 11:11th dimension ;)

Are you interested in moving within this creative flow? Would you like to connect through the synchronistic dance of the voice, heart and the womb, to the life force energy that holds space inside of you?

If this resonates with you, and you are seeking deeper voice, womb and heart alignment - join me and intimate group of women on my 6-week LIBERATE YOUR VOICE online Training starting 24 August 2021.

See the link below for details on how to sign up! I only have 3 spots remaining!! LIBERATE YOUR VOICE CLICK HERE

Love Vanessa

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