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Is spirituality finally over?

Updated: Aug 9, 2021

There’s no doubt we live in unprecedented times. But the new age movement seems to be veering off, further divorced from reality.

There’s no doubt we live in unprecedented times. But the new age movement seems to be veering off, further divorced from reality.

Spirituality is dissolving.

An era is ending.

And at the very core of creation something new is emerging.

Everything that once existed in the old paradigm is falling away – this includes our beloved ‘spirituality’.

Now more than ever I have personally seen how spirituality has become a wishy-washy, soul-less concept distorted from reality. What killed it - spirituality went mainstream.

Spirituality has gone from Prophets to Profits. Commercial ambitions are selling fragments of ancient spiritual teachings, repackaging them to be glittery commodities. In the process, however, they violate the integrity of the original source and distort the original meaning and purpose.

This has created a confusing landscape that is difficult to navigate for Sovereign Beings. Those who look for truth beyond the mainstream encounter a force that has changed the very definition of what “spirituality” is, turning it into an alluring gimmick to be bought and sold. The essence is gone.

There have always been “alternative” spiritual movements throughout history that boldly stood out compared to the spiritual materialism.

In my humble opinion, these include esoteric schools like the Theosophical & Anthroposophical Societies with teachers like Gurdjieff and Rudolf Steiner. Brilliant minds that were popular in the late 1800s and early 1900s. Unfortunately today the concept of spirituality is so far removed from its original source, constituting to an awful lot of spiritual BS. Spiritual glamour and Messiah complexes.

Having lived in Bali for 2 years I was immersed in all things “spiritual” or what I thought to be “spiritual”. One could attend an ecstatic dance ceremony every evening, drink sacred cacao, yoga classes, sound healing, astrology readings, activate your 22 chakras, activate light grids, close portals, open boundaries, light language at the speed of light, hallucinate number sequences, wear a vegan lifestyle, sport some shakti feathers, get a activating yoni massage, enlighten your dating profile with Deepak Chopra quotes, activate your feminine codes, explore tantra and polyamorous relationships… the list just goes on.

Now there is nothing wrong with partaking in these activities. But it’s important to examine our motivations. What leads us to behave in certain ways? Are these behaviors genuinely deepening our inner source connection, or are they yet another way we try to fit in because we don’t feel good enough as we are? Or are they a way to escape our hidden traumas and continue to dance in the illusion that all is love and light.

And let’s be just be frank some of these “spiritual practices” just sound ridiculous and by supporting such practices we are feeding into the system of further entrapment, suffering and slavery.

Sometimes the most spiritual thing you can do is to say nothing.

Sometimes the spiritual is found in the mundane.

Sometimes the most spiritual thing you can say is, “I would love to work with you” instead of “I got a “download” from my spirit guides that we should work together”

Just because your spirit guides said so it does not make it accurate.

At this point, I’ve really had enough of it. Part of me feels:

If spirituality is about activating our ever-increasing number of chakras (7, 8, oh wait… 22 now!), I’m out!

If spirituality is about being nothing but love and light, I’m out!

If spirituality is about dissolving the ego, I’m out!

If spirituality is about having no boundaries, I’m out!

If spirituality says let’s compare what dimension we live in and 3D isn’t enough, I’m out!

If spirituality is about having polyamorous relationships because what we actually fear is commitment, I’m out!

It’s easy to glamourize otherworldly spiritual experiences like having an near death experience, being visited by glorious ethereal beings or being miraculously healed from an illness but some of us experience the spiritual in our day to day living by being around those we love, having a hungry belly, hungry heart, eating and laughing with friends or exploring our tunnels of choices, each leading to new horizons every single day.

The danger of wanting to uplift our consciousness is that we might neglect our very human nature. Being multi-dimensional is far more fun and cooler than developing our conflict resolution skills with our partner or family members. Don’t get me wrong - being multi-dimensional is cool and so is being right here and being very human.

Spirituality is Dissolving. Evolving. Maturing.

We are connecting once again with Nature’s Intelligence. A more evolved intelligence.

We are entering the great process of Self-Refinement. The rock tumbler of the 21st century is leaving no rough edges or delusions behind. We must align or else be cast off.

Through the process of self-refinement we break through the glamour of delusion. May we all continue to proceed with constant inquiry, in wisdom and with mature discernment applied to all information. This ensures that we are not accepting a message as true just because it is beautifully or intelligently expressed. This is how false mass mind viruses are created, energized, and supported.

Perhaps the most important encouragement of all is to continuing building and strengthening a consciously pulsating and intimate relationship between you and your inner source connection.

If you resonate and looking for deeper alignment my special for Empowered Coaching using Astrology is still up and running.

Please read more HERE

All my Love,



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