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I was struck by lightning…repeatedly!!!

Just last week, I received the latest in a 1.5 year long series of SHOCKS.

These sudden shocks may have been uncomfortable – but they came to WAKE ME UP.

I was locked out of my bank account without any pre-warning or good reason provided. A 7-month pregnant mother-to-be without access to purchase goods, food, emergency items or services for 48 hours. I was furious to say the least!

This experience struck my core like a lightning bolt. But, I have learned to roll with the zaps.

March 2020, I lost my job and income in a matter of minutes as soon South Africa announced lockdown…

At the end of last year, I was banned off facebook with no pre-warning or valid reason. And I had my credit card maxed out by scammers…

I miscarried on the last full moon of 2020...

I was told by my OBYGN that he will not support my birthing choice and that all pregnant women have to wear masks and no partners allowed in the birthing rooms…

Sounds like a sad story, right? I’m still smiling and brighter than ever!

All of these things have helped me to individuate better and stand in my own sovereignty.

Astrologers like to call this force the AWAKENER. It is symbolized by the planet Uranus.

Uranian energy comes to ruffle feathers, break down old structures and paradigms bringing about freedom, innovation, and change. Uranus is the patron saint of the rebel – the individuated one

Collectively, we are experiencing this Uranian energy in some shape or form. It has been a major theme all year long.

When these shocks happen personally,

I listen…

I align and take rightful action.

Its blatantly obvious and clear to see…

Darkness is shrouding the world.

This shadow is gripping humanity – from the countless confrontations polarizing social and cultural groups to the addiction to power, control and money - we are being imprisoned and restricted. This is causing a decline in connection, compassion, and most of all, love.

Excuse my language but SHIT IS GETTING REAL!!!

For many of our brothers and sisters, like those of you in Australia, things have gotten so bad they cannot even leave their house and their consumption is strictly monitored.

How do we find the still point in all this chaos and darkness?

We lean in.

We lean into those places of discomfort.

We feel the restriction.

The contraction and…

We breathe…

We remember…

That we were BORN FREE!


And we start aligning our actions and values with people, places and systems that align with the truth of our Sovereign Essence.

Once we strike out and decide to take rightful action in the direction of Sovereignty, we will need resources.

To serve a world rooted in love and in aligned with nature requires resources that are not plugged into the existing systems of abuse.


By combining CERTAIN cryptocurrencies (i.e. not Bitcoin, not Ethereum) with decentralized finance we reclaim control over our finances AND we can build tremendous prosperity.

This frequency shift starts with YOU!

“You must be the change you wish to see in the world.” (Mahatma Gandhi)

For the world to shift direction, first there must be a shift in you.

If you are feeling called to make this frequency shift join us in a 2 hour workshop called High Frequency Crypto. We look forward to going on this journey towards Sovereignty and financial freedom with you all!

Watch this video to find out more and to secure your place:

All my love Vanessa

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