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Breaking News: There aren't any abundance codes!

Updated: Apr 26, 2022

Today, I am going to dispel a myth about ‘abundance and manifestation’.

The entire ‘Law of attraction’ INDUSTRY has become toxic and mostly teaches people how to stay poor and desperate.

Why is it so hot then?

Well, one BIG theme in 2022 is money struggles. Dealing with rising prices, struggling entrepreneurs, and women just wanting to feel safe without ‘hustling’ all the time.

Naturally, we feel trapped when we experience money problems. And then we can easily be tempted by promises of ‘effortless manifestation’ and mastering the ‘law of attraction’.

Truth is that these products/courses are mostly repackaged hopium for people in desperate situations.

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with helping people learn wealth generation skills or developing their earning potential. I’m in favour of that and I help other women with this regularly.

However, learning skills for a reasonable price is worlds apart from spiritual millionaires preaching about manifestation or having the ‘Abundance Codes’. And according to them, ANYONE can learn these ‘secrets’ if they pay a hefty fee.

Makes sense – abundance codes WOULD of course be the most expensive codes (eyes rolling!)

If I hear or see another Abundance, Manifestation, 7-Figure Millionaire Boss Babe Course making these claims - I think I may just puke!

Psychologically-speaking, the prospect of overnight wealth overrides our better judgment – especially when we are already feeling trapped in a difficult position. That’s why people BORROW money to pay exorbitant fees (upwards of $25 000 in some cases!) to these abundance gurus.

The outcome?

The abundance gurus get even richer and continue selling at an exorbitant fees because "see, it works! I’m a living example of my teaching!" (one guy went as far as to call himself the ‘yogi with a Lamborghini’).

The ones that buy into this learn some techniques that they force on themselves with little success. Not to mention, these people often feel stressed about paying back the money they borrowed for these courses.

Let’s be honest, if someone had $25 000 of disposable income lying around, they probably wouldn’t need an abundance course, now would they?

This is spiritual capitalism at its worst and it’s gross.

I’ve seen the material these courses teach, and they generally focus solely on developing mindset. Additionally, they always dangle promises of ‘more’ and continuously try to upsell you. They drip feed you repackaged feel-good mindset techniques and get you hooked on buying their next product.

They often lack practical and specific applications that are informed by the heart’s intelligence.

Because how can something include the heart’s intelligence when it treats customers as commodities to drive more sales and make tremendous profits?

This way of being is out-dated. It’s basically predatory marketing with a shiny veneer of ‘namaste’.

This is NOT the new frequency, and it is certainly NOT aligned with our natural sense of harmony.

So, what has gone wrong here?

We know it’s good to dream…

To have a clear vision of what we need…

To feel abundant with everything that we do…

These things are our birth right and will flourish when paired with clarity, responsibility, community, grounded-ness and safety.

The world would be a better place if people were educated in business & finance that supported sovereignty and generated real prosperity for people. Real prosperity means having what you need and being able to take time for self-care without having to worry about meeting the bottom line.

Imagine not having to waste any energy thinking about money? That is true wealth.

When we attune with a state of prosperity for extended periods of time, we relax. We make clearer decisions based on what delights us as opposed to what we feel obliged to do.

So, we should dream of what we want, create a clear path for attaining that and take rightful action to materialize these dreams. This should all be underpinned by excitement, joy and delight – the pure indicator for what’s uniquely right for us!

Knowing what true prosperity is about while witnessing what the manifestation gurus are doing led me to take rightful action.

I created a 2-day workshop called “Empowering Women Financially”. This workshop gives women practical ways to align with the frequency of prosperity and learn easy-to-follow steps for generating passive income in the most sovereign way – using decentralized cryptocurrency.

Don’t worry – I know crypto is intimidating for most women. That’s why I’ve partnered with my good friend Maaike Deketele who is very experienced with helping women new to crypto learn how to thrive.

Decentralized crypto allows us to be our own bank. We rise above the centralized, control system to take back our economic power (and life force that was trapped by it!).

Not only that, but with these skills women can generate substantial passive income with very little work. My maternity leave is paid for by this same approach.

We will show you how to purchase safe crypto and use it to earn 20% - 30% interest per year. Way better than the bank, stock market or complicated world of finance!

This workshop will be 50% getting in the right frequency of prosperity and 50% practicality for getting started with decentralized crypto. We will show you step-by-step where to invest your money to earn a passive income.

No fluff here and no huge price tags… this is a workshop based on creating a safe space to prosper and make sound decisions with your resources.

Because I value integrity in my work, I want to make sure this course is right for you.

So, pause… and ask yourself

Does the idea of this course FEEL good in your body?

Does the idea of this course make you feel safe?

If so, click here to read more about Empowering Women Financially.

Much love,


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