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How to prepare and use your soundscapes

Listening to Music

How to use?


Soundscapes use isochronic tones to stimulate brain activity.  You may choose to play these soundscapes on a high-quality bluetooth or stereo speaker if you wish.  Although we recommend using a good pair of quality headphones. To increase the sensory experience of the soundscape, we also recommend using essential oils as well. 


Here are our suggested steps for using this soundscape:

  1. Prepare the space by creating a comfortable place to sit or lie down.  You may want to keep a journal close at hand to write down any fresh insights or inspiration that you receive during your session.

  2. You may want to light the space with candles and/or have an essential oil diffuser as part of this session.  Using these will greatly enhance the mood and depth of the soundscape experience.  

  3. Before you begin the soundscape, we advise sipping on a glass of water and dim any external lights.  Begin to quiet down and remove any distractions from the environment such as televisions, phone notifications or social media.

  4. Take a few minutes to set an intention for the soundscape experience.  Try to imagine an area of your life that you want to bring life force energy and vitality to.

  5. Have the soundscape loaded onto your device (either your phone or a laptop) and place the headphones over your ears.  If you are using speakers, set them at an appropriate volume.  Get as comfortable as you can, and press play when you are ready to begin.

  6. There are guided instructions contained within the soundscape that will help you direct your attention for the most effective experience.  


Aftercare: Having a journal handy to write your thoughts down is a great way to capture any new inspiration from the session.  Give yourself 20-30 minutes after the session to journal or contemplate anything that you feel is important to address.  These soundscapes target the theta frequency range so you may feel slightly drowsy after the session, or conversely, slightly energized.  It is best to just move slowly and consciously after the experience and allow your energy levels to direct your actions accordingly.  Be as mindful as you can and avoid doing anything too stimulating for the next 30-60 minutes in order to allow the effects of the soundscape to fully sink in. 


Additional Considerations and Safety:  Brainwave entrainment soundscapes cause a shift of perception and in some cases may cause deep-seated emotions to arise.  If you feel too overwhelmed by any emotions or mental images that arise during the soundscape experience, stop the session.  Begin breathing deeply and gently sip a glass of water.  The experience will likely pass very quickly.  Consider returning to the soundscape experience later when you feel more prepared to work with addressing any difficult emotions or mental patterns.  Please see the DISCLAIMER for additional safety measures before use.


Below you will find a number of different soundscapes with descriptions for each of their specialized uses. Pick one or many that resonates with you. 

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