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Empowering Women Financially
-Decentralized Finance

Feel empowered and prosperous while having more time to do what you love!

A 2-Day Online Workshop

Date: 19 & 20th of August 2022

Time: 4-7 PM BST

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Location: Live Zoom Sessions

A replay will be available if you can’t make it!

Your Hosts


Vanessa is an Intuitive Creatress at heart, weaving a tapestry of sound, vibration and feminine Spirit. Vanessa explores conscious business and creative themes, helping others navigate new ways of working with crypto.

Maaike has years of experience explaining technical things in a practical way adapted to the needs and pace of the user. Her heart lays in the woods where she is reminded ever more joyful ways of simply living natures way. 

About The Event

This workshop is for women who don't want to spend the whole day behind the computer keeping an eye on charts, who don't wish to buy and sell all the time, but rather step into something that is hassle free and more secure!

For centuries, women have proven to be adaptable and guardians of life itself. We’ve worked hard, nurtured and cared, and even martyred ourselves in the name of love. We are now at a time where the balance is disrupted fiercely and doing more just isn’t possible.  It feels like this is by design and the system just sucks the life force right out of us.

We try, and yet, lose our magic. Women become masculinized, hardened, dried-up, exhausted and burnt out. 

I get it…I’ve been there too!

It may seem very dark out there. But there are new cracks forming that illuminate opportunities. Shining light on a completely new way of handling resources. There is a simple, maybe even ‘fun’ solution.

More importantly, what I’m speaking about gives you an alternative place to park your money privately and safely outside of the system. You can be fuelled with prosperity, power and freedom. 

Knowing that this will have a ripple effect on our loved ones and humanity because it aligns with the natural law of prosperity.  Be your own bank - Feel empowered and prosperous while having more time to do what you love!


You will have your own wallet with your own personal access keys. Not linked to any corrupt financial institution, to your name or even email address. A wallet that is yours alone. There’s no turning it off, locking or shutting anyone out!

I’m talking about a new paradigm of women working with decentralized cryptocurrency.


Choosing your currency of choice based on its principles, sending and receiving coins in and out of your wallet and parking coins in a 'crypto savings account', so you get more over time. 

Passive income, hello?

Tending your coins and watch them grow, like seeds that flourish into plants. And over time you can harvest as extra income. All of this is possible in 'Decentralized Finance' or DeFi.  An umbrella for financial services on blockchains where you can do most things you now can do in a bank. Only faster with no need for identification, paperwork or a third party.

Yes, it's relatively new. But, don’t we want easier and innovative ways to run and manage our resources, that supports our privacy and well-being? Do you want to feel safe, prosperous and sovereign in your finances? If so, abolish the old dinosaur financial system and put your resources in alignment with what I call “High Frequency Crypto!”


This workshop is designed for Women who are ready to take control of their financial future and create more freedom in their lives. 


Welcome to Empowering Women Financially

Join us if you are feeling called to step into greater wealth, prosperity and freedom!


 This Workshop includes:

- Understanding the landscape of DeFi and what it entails. 
- Understanding and aligning with prosperity the feminine way. 
- Overcoming blocks, obstacles and aligning with our desires. 
- Essential tips on internet privacy and crypto security.
- Avoiding scams.
- How to open your own wallet and start investing. (Be your own bank)
- Three options for passive income based on your investment style. 

Accentuating the feminine approach we will go at slow and steady pace. 

A week before it starts, you will have access to some pre-recorded material, on our learning platform, so we can start investing immediately. 

Bonus! You will also have access to a signal group where extra support will be provided.