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Blurry Petals

Cyclical Woman's Guide


I believe that our wombs are the dreamspace where our greatest desires are held.


The more fertile our wombs environment are, the greater the possibility for us to dance in the field of the Infinite. When I speak about fertility I'm speaking about something with great essence, a tapping into your untouched power and potential as a women to CREATE.


This Cyclical Women's Guide is for all women who wish to explore their natural rhythm and flow. It is a gift, created to inspire you to awaken the feminine energy within, through understanding ancient cyclical knowledge and phases of the moon - leaving you empowered to tap into the wisdom of your womb.

I welcome you with love to this deeper exploration of your Menstrual Cycle, offering you tools that may assist you in letting go of anything that is not serving you, to create the space for you to begin acting in accordance with your innate and powerful feminine nature.


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