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lionsgate 2022

Attunement Soundscape

"When Sirius and the Sun align it imbues an incredible spiritual force upon humanity. It is recognized as something called the 'Lions Gate’"


- Gigi Young

Date: August 8th, 2022 @ 9 pm BST


Lion's Gate is an important cosmic initiation with roots to mystic Christianity that has lived on into the modern world. 

Simply put, it is the alignment of ‘two suns’ based on an astronomical alignment.

This includes our sun aligning with the peak energy of the constellation Leo and the great spiritual sun, Sirius.

When this portal opens, there is a direct pathway for attuning with Sirius via our own sun. Embodied with our own higher frequencies, this even helps us better actualize what we came here to do.

If connect consciously during Lionsgate, this astrological alignment can immensely assist our physical body to integrate more of our higher frequency existence.

That is precisely why we have decided to offer a soundscape event on this special day! Using the solar year frequency of 136.1 Hz (an important one for our personal evolution) along with brainwave entrainment frequencies to bring us into a powerful, deep, one-pointed awareness. 

Basically, we have blended science and artistic expression to create an innovative sound bath to attune better with the frequencies of Lionsgate.

What can you expect from the experience:

  • Reconnection of disparate parts of your being

  • Deep relaxation, activation and clarity

  • A shift into deeper states of consciousness and exploration of your inner planes

  • Therapeutic benefits such as greater energy, better sleep and better alignment with the current themes in your life

  • Insights and powerful experiences to help you realize how to direct your life better

This type of therapy is different to meditation, breathwork and transpersonal therapies. However, it does have the potential to bring about detox symptoms for any deeper issues that may need to come to light. As a result, it is best to allow your body to rest after a session and to keep hydrated before and after.

This event will take place by Livestream and will have the following structure:

First we will hold a brief discussion on how this form of sound therapy works, followed by a 50-minute neural frequency attuned sound healing set using brainwave entrainment and music tuned to help you voyage to your inner planes.


The times for the event are as follows:

Pacific US /Can Time - 13:00

Mountain US/Can Time - 14:00

Central US/Can Time - 15:00

Eastern US/Can Time - 16:00

Central European Time - 22:00

South Africa Standard Time - 22:00 


Additional Information:

You may watch the event live (recommended) or sign up and watch later at a time that is convenient for you as the link will remain on YouTube.

The same link you receive upon registration can be used for the replay. However, we highly recommend joining the live event for maximum benefit. 

Given the nature of frequency-based therapies such as this, there are some preparations that we recommend and will be explained in the email you receive after registering. Please be sure to also read the disclaimer if you have any health conditions to ensure that you are staying safe.


We are here to facilitate a transformative experience that can have long lasting benefits by working on the layers of our beings that are responsible for good health. As stated above, we strongly believe that "Sound is the medicine of the future" and we have been crafting this offering and refining it over the last year.



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