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crystal singing bowl


certified crystal singing bowl training

Water your soul with the pure, captivating tones of the Crystal Singing Bowls.


The course includes an in-depth exploration of the Crystal Singing Bowls for therapeutic use. By acquiring fundamental knowledge and through individual practice exercises, you will gain life-changing skills for increasing personal well-being and sharing treatments with others for healing.

My Certified Crystal Singing Bowl Training is unique to any other training out there as I include voice work, through incorporating you unique voice with the Crystal Singing Bowls. I also teach the intervals of music and how to apply them when playing the Crystal Singing Bowls. Our ancient cultures knew that the healing wisdom of sound was in the intervals of music. 


  • Introduction and principles of sound healing

  • Benefits of sound healing for physical, emotional, mental, energetic, intuitive, and spiritual well-being and growth

  • Meet the Crystal Singing Bowls

  • How to play Crystal Singing Bowls

  • Voice activation through humming and toning

  • Merging your voice with the Crystal Singing Bowls

  • How to choose, take care of, and where to buy Crystal Singing Bowls

  • How to use Crystal Singing Bowls for a variety of personal uses


- Certified Crystal Singing Bowl certificate from the Modern Mystics Collective School.

- Access to a private Sound Group.
- Course Material.

- Free Brainwave Entrainment Meditations.
- 4 x 1,5 hour Live weekly sessions with Vanessa Holliday 

- 1:1 Private session with Vanessa Holliday


INVESTMENT: Our special offering is only $1400 once off payment

If you are feeling called to do this work and cost is an issue, please email me on to apply for a possible work trade-exchange!

Sessions will be held online via Zoom, and will be sent to your inbox via email one hour prior to the session commencing.

Date: To be confirmed. I also teach privately if you prefer. 

Time: TBC


*All sessions are recorded and will be sent to you if you can't make a session* 

To RESERVE a space in the Certified Crystal Singing Bowl Training please contact me via my contact page.


I look forward to creating Crystal Sound Magic with you!

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