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feminine Astrology readings 

feminine Astrology readings 


Astrology is a cosmic lens through which we can examine ourselves.

It describes the inner-workings and cycles of the universe and nature. Its a blend of ancient science & intuition.

The stars and constellations were worshipped as divine and used among many of our ancient cultures the Babylonians, Assyrians, Chaldeans, Egyptians and the Greeks. It is quite understandable when one thinks about it, we used to be much closer and in-tune with nature and used the Nights Sky to navigate our journey and predict our future.

Why Feminine Astrology?

Nature at its core is women. Rhythm is the keynote to nature. In ancient times, the natural rhythm of every woman was to menstruate under a new moon and ovulate under a full moon. Over time we have disconnected from nature, our natural cycles and feminine wisdom. The natural rhythm of life, the organic flow, is the secret to well-being and fertility both in birthing physical life and/or your creative endeavours. Once we recognize and serve this flow, we can exponentially expand and grow.

Feminine Astrology can assist you with gently guiding you back to your Feminine center by assisting you gain clarity and insight into yourself and your life in areas such as relationships, career, finances, health and fertility.

Please note feminine energy is present in both male and females so feminine astrology readings can be read on both.


My Astrology readings are intuitive, gentle, nurturing, stellar yet down to earth.


I work mainly with the feminine planets, namely Venus and the Moon as well as

Dark Moon Lilith and our four major astroids Ceres, Vesta, Juno, and Pallas that represent the Emerging Feminine Consciousness of the 21st century. 

The four main astroids offer access to the right-brain side of creative visualization and thinking, relationships, and emotional sensitivity, as well understanding the feminine power inherent in you!


Black Moon Lilith in your chart is about understanding the shadow feminine. Looking at behaviours that are obsessive and compulsive because ultimately when we can integrate the unconscious parts of ourselves we make more room for our full true nature to emerge.  

I also work with the North Node in your chart to give you insight into your cosmic destiny and true calling. The true node, also known as the north node, is your karmic direction in this lifetime. Like a lighthouse, it points the way towards your destiny. When you follow the path designated by the north node, you feel more fulfilled and more purposeful.

I believe you are a powerful women and all the answers are within you.

Your Unique Essence has always been with you - its not something to learn or acquire but rather something you ease-fully attune too. Your alignment to your inner source connection is your greatest resource in your life. Once you start living from this place you will effortlessly magnetize what you want to show up in your life.

My gift is I am able to hold a high frequency and offer you insights into understanding yourself with greater clarity and wisdom, aligning you with your true feminine nature.

A women who is in touch with her inner feminine source and deepest inner knowing, feels a deep connection with the universe and can hear her "soul-voice"

She is able able to follow her intuition without doubting and second-guessing herself. She is fully embodied, magnetic and powerful!


Please contact me through my contact page for a reading. I will need your date, time and place of birth.

energetic exchange

Private Reading

75min - 160$

Follow Up Reading

75min - 149$

Donation based readings

45 min - Suggested Donation 120$

“There’s an entire spectrum of the Divine Feminine & Cosmos for us all to explore – and it truly is a personal journey of integration.”

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